Working for you.  Working for Your Land.  Working for Your Community.

What we do

The Land Buy-Back Program for the Nez Perce Tribe works to unify fractionated tribal land bases that resulted from the failed historical policy of allotment.  Fractionation results in tracts of land with potentially hundreds of owners.  Over the next decade, the Program and various tribes will partner to help communities consolidate these lands across Indian Country.

The Buy-Back Program allows interested individual owners to receive payment for voluntarily selling their land.  All lands sold will immediately be held in trust for the tribe with jurisdiction. 

This effort will strengthen tribal sovereignty and put land use decisions back in the hands of tribal government.


Need a Notary?


The Nez Perce Land Buy-Back staff are commissioned and bonded Idaho Notaries.  Bring in your documents for signature. 

Reminder!  Do not sign document until you are in front of notary.  Questions please contact our office.